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Exponential Practice Growth
  5th June 2012

Are You Being Unfollowed?

"The 15 most common reasons people don't want to be your friend!"

By: W. J. Simmons

As you may probably know by now I am not a great believer in the power of Facebook, Twitter etc. to increase your practice numbers - either clients or numbers (seems there is always the next big thing like Netscape, MySpace, LinkedIn etc.!).

A long time ago one of the greats in direct marketing - who sadly is no longer with us - Gary Halbert had a good bit for that: "HITS = how idiots track success"

I personally think it is idiotic to track your online success by how many Facebook "likes" or Twitter followers or blog commenters you have - or any other "hits" you may be counting... I personally prefer Cash and Patients - and now Gary is no longer with us that could just be me!

However, in the interest of fair play I know a lot of you use Facebook and Twitter extensively so in order to allow you to get the most out of your tweeting experience and lessen your chances of unsubscribes and unfollows I want to share with you some information I got from Marketing Tech Blog (even though it pains me I really do read most things!) on how to minimize you losses.

The numbers are for Tweeting they are similar to those for Facebook unfollows as well (although there will be a few variations because in a Facebook post you are not limited to the number of character you can use etc.) and it is certainly food for thought.

I like to share with you information that works, is correct and will help you build your practice - it is up to you to use the information as you see fit, so without further ado the reason why you maybe being unfollowed...

The 15 most common reasons you may be unfollowed on Twitter or Facebook

Source: http://www.osteopathicmarketing.com
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Just behind Facebook, Twitter is the "next big thing". Whilst some believe it can serve as a free outlet to market your practice (and personally I am not too sure...), many people misunderstand how to use it and are finding they are getting more and more unfollowers!

The above Infographic lists some of the possible reasons why...