Exponential Practice GROWTH

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Exponential Practice Growth
   10th March 2012 

How To Develop Practice Promoting Products…  

"…For Amazing Exponential Practice Growth!" 

By: W. J. Simmons 
     This is an idea that if you really put your mind to it and a little bit of effort into it will promote your practice and boost your credibility like no other.

     In fact, there are so many ways you can adapt this strategy with very little work on your part (and even less if you are prepared to spend a little cash!) you may wonder why you haven’t done it before…

     The best part is that is doesn’t matter what your therapy is (or even what your profession is) you will be able to use this idea to promote yourself and create exponential practice growth!

     Regardless of what you practice I know for a fact that you will be able to come up with either one topic concerning your therapy that you can divide into 8 – 12 smaller sub-topics or even 8 – 12 different topics that all relate to what you do and are areas that you could easily talk about for 4 – 5 minutes per topic.

     For example, if you choose sciatica you could break this down into:

Causes of Sciatica
Symptoms of Sciatica
Signs of Sciatica
Tests for Sciatica
Complications of Sciatica
Self help for sciatic relief
Treatment of Sciatica
Prevention of Sciatica

     And possibly even a few other sub-topics!

     If you don’t think that you can divide a topic down into smaller areas like that then you will still be able to talk on individual topics such as headaches, neck problems, shoulder complaints, low back pain sciatica and so on until you have 8 – 12 topics. It doesn't matter what the topics are as long as you can give information and advice about each of them without it being a direct plug for your services.

     Now here is the great part!

     If you are presenting a talk or health class you have prepared all the material and you know exactly how long it will take to deliver and that it will be broken into bite-sized chunks that all contain valuable and usable information. All you have to do is then share what you have planned and developed with your audience and then direct them to your website, blog or clinic for further information. This further information could be a more detailed report or a discounted consultation – it can be anything that you choose – all you are doing is further positioning yourself as an expert in your field as well as stimulating prospective patients to take action into becoming paying patients, building word of mouth and increasing your circle of influence.

     The next thing is to record yourself talking about those 8 – 12 different topics and create a CD. If you only talk for 3 -5 minutes on each topic that creates an audio cram packed of valuable information between 24 and 60 minutes in length – perfect for positioning yourself as an expert and spreading the word about what you can do. CDs are incredibly easy to have professionally made and edited or you can download the software and do it yourself (for example you can use the free software from Audacity available at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ )

     You can also use this CD as a giveaway to new or prospective patients (as well as having them available at seminars, talks and the health fairs that you run) or use it in your advertising promotions and mailings as a free sample of what you can do. I would even recommend handing them to your existing patients so that they can forward them to family, friends and colleagues as a referral strategy.

     The next step is to take your audio material and then turn it into a book / booklet. This is also incredibly easy to do and well worth the effort. If you are prepared to pay you can get it transcribed at Admin Source (http://www.theadminsource.com) and they will also edit for you if you tell them it is for a book or you can do it yourself if you don’t mind the time involved. Then get it formatted into a PDF and away you go… another expertise promoting product – either a downloadable product or one that you can get printed and bound.

     Easy wasn’t it – now get looking for that Dictaphone!

Source: http://www.osteopathicmarketing.com

Easy ways to develop your own practice building audios and information products. Exponential practice growth really is easier than you may think!