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Exponential Practice Growth

  6th January 2012 
How To Improve Your Offer On Groupon 

"You May Just Make Some Money" 

By: W.J. Simmons 

  In the interests of fair play there is one positive I would like to share with you regarding Groupon and the other discount sites and then I will show you a fantastic way to get them to work to your advantage should you care to use them!

  If you are able to cut your fees so dramatically and still make a profit this at least tells you have your overheads cut to the bone and you will make a pretty decent profit on the rest of your treatments. For example, if your are giving four sessions for £15 (after Groupon has taken their 50%) I would like to think this means your expenses per session are approximately £4 - and if you normally charge £30 a session you will be making a whopping £26 pure profit on each session.

  However, should your expenses per treatment be higher than this and you are running these advert as a loss leader hoping to break into profit once they become regular client you may want to think carefully about how many sessions it will take before you actually do so. You should also consider how many of those who take up your offer you would need to keep with you to reach a profit.

  All is not lost however and there are ways to improve your Groupon ads to optimise their effectiveness and get the most from your experience.

It is possible to substantially increase your patient numbers very quickly indeed by creating amazing, irresistible offers people want immediately - something that is specific and offers a clear benefit to those reading your advert.

How to Improve your Offer so you Could Make Money with Groupon

Use Groupon for research by seeing what others in your field have offered in the past and look what are the most popular offers relating to what you do - this is incredibly easy to do by typing Groupon + Chiropractic / Osteopathy / Massage (or whatever your particular speciality is!). You can also check other towns and cities to see how other practitioners in different areas have approached their marketing.

  You will notice some offers work better than other (there is a “deals bought” section that lets you know the uptake) and you will see some sell hundreds and others just a few. Copy the offer and as best you can copy the wording for the adverts that are selling the most! If you can do this without it looking too obvious you will be made - and if you do this you won’t have to worry about Groupon’s copywriters doing a not terrifically good job for you.

  This technique is brilliant for rapidly increasing your numbers and allowing you to differentiate yourself from the less successful Groupon offers or your normal Yellow Pages or newspaper advertising.

Source: http://www.osteopathicmarketing.com

  This one technique alone may just make you money and expand your practice exponentially on Groupon and the other "deal of the day" websites!