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Exponential Practice Growth has been widely used by Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Massage therapists and coaches - all with fantastic results!

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Using the principles in Exponential Practice Growth, I virtually doubled my client base in no time!!!

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I also want to add that so far I have received nine extra email bulletins from you and they have been a fantastic source of information and ideas. I have been able to use three directly as they came and they all bought in new clients. I didn’t think it possible – and I don’t think I should be saying this – but these on-going emails have been worth the price of the programme alone!

Barry Gibson's testimonial for the Exponential Practice Growth programme




Barry Gibson www.grapplefit.com


  ...raised their fees and increased their numbers:  


Using the techniques I discovered in Exponential Practice Growth I increased my fees by 12½% - got no complaints and saw more patients than ever!

I wish I had done it sooner…

Exponential Practice Growth showed me how to raise my fees and see my patients...

Elaine Carter
Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A.


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     In 2004 I qualified from chiropractic school when I was 24 years old, a blank canvas if you will. I went straight into a job near my home town in a busy wellness practice. Being an associate I had to attend MANY practice management seminars for the 1st few years of my employment. It quickly became clear that chiropractors attending these seminars were chasing the quick quid as it were, and being forced to do many things that they were not happy to do, with the premise being that if you didn't do EVERYTHING being taught that you would not succeed.

     Being a down to earth kind of person with my feet firmly on the ground, I decided to only do what I was comfortable with, knowing that if I didn't feel good about what I was doing then the patient would see straight through me. Trust me, I still didn't do too badly for myself!

     This year I flew from the nest and set up my own clinic. I was franticly searching for a practice management program to help me, even though I had had a lot of training in this field over the years, being on my own made me feel vulnerable.

     It is with no word of a lie that my prayers were answered when a letter addressed to me from the Exponential Practice Growth program appeared on my doorstep at exactly this time! Having read the letter and researched it online I felt I had nothing to lose. Let me tell you now, it was the best money I spent on my business! A fraction of the cost of going on possibly unethical time consuming seminars by other companies. This manual seems to have taken all the bits worth knowing, explaining it in a friendly and ethical manner, and encourages you to DO A GOOD JOB and the rewards will follow. A mantra I already had and truly believe in.

     As a great surprise, I regularly receive emails from the owner of Exponential Practice Growth. These emails include extra hints and tips on how to promote my business and I just can't believe I get all of this for my initial one-off investment. I truly am not alone in my business, having the support of this program makes me feel like I have a whole team behind me helping me along.

     To all chiropractors, do yourself the biggest favour you can do...go and buy this program, you will NOT regret it!

Mark Davies

Essex, U.K.


Fantastic – I was amazed at the number of ideas you share… Exponential Practice Growth made a difference to my client numbers immediately!

Lanchana Green, Masseuse
Darlington, County Durham


"I found this book a great supportive tool while building my practice; it offered some great ideas that can be put into use immediately. On receiving the book and using some of the ideas I found improvements to my practice within seven days. A great book!"

Joanne Gordon, Sports Injury Massage Therapist