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  16th June 2012 
The Problem With Most Marketing... 

"...it just isn't specific enough!" 

By: W. J. Simmons

     Let's face it...

     Most marketing just doesn't work. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it tries to attract everyone as a patient and as I have mentioned before you will never get everyone as a patient. For example some won’t pay, some don’t believe that you can help, some will never try anything that isn’t covered by insurance or isn’t okayed by the doctor and that is just a few of the groups that aren’t going to want you or what you do.

     There is a very easy way around this which although it may not completely eliminate the problem it will help to reduce it to a minimum… and the way you do that is that you need to focus on specific niche markets.

     Don’t try to appeal or please everyone because that way you will end up appealing to no one and just get frustrated and burnt out. Break it down into smaller groups and target these specific smaller groups and focus on individual unique groups of clients. People are now used to consultants having an area of speciality and for that reason they will appreciate you are doing the same, that you have an expertise in a specialised field. Trust me when I tell you the days of being a general therapist are numbered…

     Now before I go on I want to say that if you use this strategy you will miss out on patients. We know that everyone could be a patient and benefit from what you do but as I mentioned before that isn’t going to happen - so go for the clients will do what you say, are keen to listen and implement your advice - but more importantly have a problem that they need solving!

     Don’t try and capture the largest potential market that you can with generalised adverts that are non-specific. Instead connect to a specific niche of patients and speak the language they understand about the symptoms and problems they may be encountering.

     For example, there is nothing to prevent you targeting these specific niches - all of which fall into your normal scope of practice… but by targeting these smaller groups you have now created expertise status:

Arthritis / “Wear and Tear” / Degeneration
Back Pain / Lumbago
Carpal Tunnel syndrome / Repetitive Strain Injuries
Ear infections / Tonsillitis in kids
Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Headaches / Migraines
Neck pain
Neuropathy / Numbness / Tingling
Pregnancy and new mums (pelvic problems, posture, lifting injuries etc.)
Road Traffic Accidents - whiplash etc.
Sciatica and leg pain
Shoulder pain / Rotator Cuff injuries
Sports injuries - or even targeting individual sports and showing how you can improve their game and prevent injury (golf, tennis, runners etc.)
TMJ problems

     ...and that's just for starters!

     It's important you realize that I'm saying to “market” to certain niches. This does not mean your practice has to be completely made up of these types of patients. Of course you can still see a wide variety of patients but what is better is that once you have got these prospective patients into your clinic because of a specific problem you can then teach them the other problems you can help with.

Source: http://www.osteopathicmarketing.com

Most marketing just doesn't work. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it tries to attract everyone as a patient and that just won't work...

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