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Increase Your Referrals

And Give Your Patients A Nice Warm Fuzzy Feeling…



     You might not have really thought about it but when one of your existing patients refers someone else to you it usually takes a bit of effort on their part.


     First they had to reveal a little about their health history and their experience in your clinic. I mean it stands to reason they had to explain why they needed to see you.


     Then they had to defend their choice of seeing someone “alternative” when everyone knows the NHS is the answer to everything!  


     Then they had to try to explain what you do...


     And then finally they would have had to answer a handful of questions explaining where you are based, the hours you work and hunt out a business card for your contact details etc.  


    Some effort really does go into this process – it’s not just a question of them magically appearing in front of someone in their hour of need, thrusting your card into their hand and saying “here phone these people!” before vanishing again.


     You really do have a lot to be grateful for...


    …especially when you consider what a new patient is worth to you in repeat visits and possible future referrals!


    The least you can do is send them a Thank You card in appreciation of their referral but you could go a little step further and offer them a free treatment as a token of how much you value their gesture and them!


    After all what does it cost you? Just your time and a little treatment chit chat!


    Of course you can thank them any way you feel is appropriate – but I think a card and a free treatment is an ideal place to start. (You can of course then increase the value of the “thank you” reward as they continue to send referrals your way – which is a novel approach most practitioners don’t consider).


    I am now using the following in my clinic to thank people for their first referrals. A plastic credit card sized reward card (looks very valuable and stature enhancing!) with the words “V.I.P. Card” on the front and “I want to thank you for being a great patient your next treatment is on me!” on the back.




“I want to thank you for being a great patient



    and a small (85*55mm when folded) thank you card which reads “Just wanted to say Thank You...” on the front and “...for being GREAT!!!” on the inside:



Simple, straight to the point


 and that's all you really need to say to increase your referrals!

    I also use them to thank patients when they’ve gone out of their way to help me, done something nice for me, something memorable for the community and for those patients who are celebrating an anniversary or similar.  

    The great thing about these Thank You gift cards is you can use them for various occasions plus the fact they’re a different size to normal cards also makes them unusual and they grab the recipient’s attention and get opened first. If that wasn’t enough there’s a nice little space for you to include a message which further personalises it to the recipient.

    Even better, the recipient has to bring the card into the clinic to redeem it – so you get the card back to re-use another time!


   When you consider how much each referred patient means to you how much is it worth to thank them properly and, more importantly, differently to every other clinic?


   Is 75 pence too much to make yourself stand out, increase referrals and increase your practice?




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    It really is these little things which make all the difference!


     Wishing you all the best – both for yourself and your practice, 






    PS: As I mentioned earlier if you know how much a new patient is worth to you, so do your patients who are referring them! Not only is it nice to be thanked for a referral, it’s also nice to be rewarded – and these cards are a way to do just that!