Exponential Practice GROWTH

Marketing Strategies for Unlimited Expansion


The easiest type of patient to start undergoing treatment...

is one who has already been to you before!


Most clinics are sitting on an absolute gold mine of past inactive patients that are never contacted and their records and files either gather dust in filing cabinets or are slowly deleted from computer records... 

If you were able to re-establish contact and just get 3%, 5% or 10% of these back and undergoing regular treatment and maintenance with you how much fuller would your appointments book be? 

Click on the links below to open up a PDF (it creates a clearer image) of just a couple of the postcards that I use in my clinic to keep in contact with patients, to re-activate those past patients that haven't been in for a while and to generally gather feed-back from them as to their views on the clinic and how to improve it. etc.



The "It's A Year" Postcard         



The Telephone Postcard



The Jelly Bean Postcard










These  postcards are only £16 per bundle of 50 (including package and posting)

just click the appropriate button and away you go.